How It All

The Company was initially floated under the guidance of Mr. Ali Saeed Juma Albwardy, in the Albwardy group. The company later separated from the group during 2004 and is now functioning independently.

Mr. Mohammed Ali Al Shaba, who was a partner earlier, now heads the Company as its Managing Director and Technical Manager. He is an Architectural Engineer, graduated from Jordan University. He has been in the field of supply and fixing of stones and granites for over 10 years. He has vast knowledge of stones, marbles & granites used in construction with regard to their varieties, texture, source and utilities. Besides, he is well-aware of the requirements of Construction Industry in the Emirates.

What Sets Us apart

We have qualified Engineers visiting the project sites regularly, coordinating with the foreman to ensure that works are done appropriately in accordance of the approved shop drawing and to ensure that the quality of works are being maintained.

We have a team of skilled Masons mainly from India, Pakistan who have expertise in fixing of stones, marbles & granites.

We have reliable sources of quality stones, particularly from Saudi Arabia, Palestine, Jordan, Oman, India, Pakistan and Turkey. We procure materials direct from the source (Quarry); thus, it enables us to bring in quality materials from these countries at the shortest possible notice in adherence to the time-schedule provided to the Client.

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