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Method Statement


The purpose of this Method Statement is to describe the steps involved in stone cladding to the walls in accordance with approved shop drawings, ensuring safety, perfection and durability.


  1. The work includes cladding of natural stone on external walls and all other areas – interior and exterior cladding with desired dimension, finishing and thickness conforming to the approved shop drawings.
  2. Standard accessories used in stone cladding include metallic fasteners of required grade of stainless steel. Adhesives of approved make and quality are used to secure the fasteners and the holes and cuttings in the stone made for fasteners


  1. Stone will be packed in pallets of wooden strips with thermocol padding and plastic covers to prevent breakage, scratches and damage to stone during transit/shipment
  2. Stone will be carefully handled and stored separated by wooden strips to prevent breakage, staining or other damage.
  3. Stone slabs will be kept in vertical position to prevent contact with earth surface


  1. All stone will be clad to the structure of the building with metallic fasteners – ‘Z’ type angles described separately with all necessary components to support the cladding in place, to the lines and dimensions set by plumb and as shown in drawings.
  2. Markings will be made on the wall by setting plumb to determine the exact locations
  3. Stone slabs will be segregated and arranged in the open space near cladding point to select stones of matching sizes and veins.
  4. Protective coating will be applied behind the stone as a damp proof.
  5. Stone anchors shall be securely drilled in the wall and located as shown in drawings and shall be set plumb and in true place.
  6. Surface level will be ensured to maintain right angle as well as the plumb
  7. Variation from plumb will be restricted to the specified tolerances:
  8. Clean cladding surfaces that have become dirty or stained prior to setting, to remove soil, stains and other foreign materials.
    • Clean stone by thoroughly scrubbing exposed surfaces with fibre brushed, followed by a thorough drenching with clear water.
    • Mild cleaning compounds that do not contain caustic materials, harsh filters or abrasives.
  9. Stone cladding shall be carried out by masons skilled in the procedures required for the Project.
  10. Powered cutting machines are employed to cut stones and the exposed edges straight
  11. Anchors/angles, fasteners and other accessories are positioned in the wall for maintaining proper alignment in horizontal and vertical direction and fitted as required to secure stones slabs in place
  12. Stone will be cut behind to provide for the fasteners
  13. In the gap behind the stone polystyrene sheets will be placed to act as a vapour barrier
  14. Standard glue will be used to secure the fasteners.
  15. After cladding the stones will be cleaned of any dirt, dust and stains. Grouting will be used for defective and unsatisfactory joints to provide a neat uniform appearance.
  16. Defective stone units where the dirt, stains and other defacements cannot be removed will be replaced.


Installation is carried out by the experienced and competent masons who have expertise in dry fix process. They are assisted by unskilled labourers. Their work is in turn supervised by experienced Foremen. Site Engineer will be available for co-ordination with other sub-contractors and Main Contractor and also to look into the technical aspects. He will ensure that the overall work conforms to the shop Drawing.


  1. Angles/anchor to be used:
    • 'Z Type Angle 40 x 70 x 40 x 4mm. The sizes and the type of angle may vary depending upon the space between stone and the wall and other factors. The angles to be used will be of stainless grade 304
    • Accessories include bolts, nuts, shield, ext arm, pins and washers all of stainless steel grade 304
  2. Glue to be used: Italian Solid Cream glue ‘Marmolit’ mixed with hardener
  3. Protective Coating: Sikagard 700S siloxane based water repellent


  1. Stone Cutting Machines – 2 Nos. of different sizes
  2. Grinding machine Dewalt and other makes
  3. Drilling machines
  4. Tool Box containing spirit level, measuring tape, water level, right angle, plump etc.


  1. All standard Health, Safety & Environment norms will be adhered to strictly.
  2. All the workmen will wear overalls, safety shoes, goggles, hand gloves and helmets. Adequate lighting and ventilation will be ensured during installation.
  3. It will be ensured that machinery and tools used are safe and always in good condition. Where applicable only calibrated tools will be used
  4. Markings will be made on the wall by setting plumb to determine the exact locations


The stone cladding will be under 1-year maintenance period. Any installation deficiencies that are noticed in stones already fixed are attended to within this period


The Sub-Contractor reserves the right to amend the method from time to time in consultation with the Main Contractor, depending upon the specific site conditions


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